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Limnos offers different environments of inspire artists of all levels, ranging from sea panoramas, fishing boats, churches, village life to wild flowers. 

Please see below the background information for Victor Richardson – recent art facilitator at Limnos Experience.

Victor Richardson

Artist Background 

From his studio in County Cork, Victor Richardson paints landscapes in the Neo-Impressionist tradition. He has exhibited in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States and his work is in private and corporate collections all over the world. When the the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin was recently refurbished to celebrate 190 years of business, in which the building featured in many of the pivotal points of Irish history, Richardson was commissioned to paint six large oils, depicting the city’s iconic St Stephen’s Green. In 2013 the owner of Limnos Experience discussed the possibility of painting a triptych for her home in Limnos. The paintings are based on various aspects of the island, with its ancient honey making tradition, old farmhouses and windmills, and distant glimpses of the blue Aegean.

Victor Richardson carries on the exploration of colour vibration pioneered by Seurat and Signac over a century ago. He intensifies the relationship between colours by placing contrasting pigments beside one another in small strokes, dashes and spots. This tessellation creates a shimmering luminosity of warm and cool hues. For much of his career he has painted trees and water, from the rivers and canals of Northern Europe to the ponds and swamps of the American Low Country. Painting in the  Mediterranean is a new experience in his love of the elusive play of light and colour, in his pursuit of the art of tranquility.


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