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of Limnos

Limnos is one of the largest Greek islands and sits pretty in the deep blue waters of the north Aegean Sea. Despite its size, it’s managed to resist becoming a total tourist hub and, instead, offers an authentic slice of Greek island life. The island lies between Asia Minor and Mount Athos and on a clear day you can see the sun setting behind this holy mountain from the western beaches of the island.

Those who love to explore their natural surroundings will be in their element in Limnos where the stunning arid landscape of the island with beautiful, mostly sandy, beaches, rolling hills, rugged coastlines, dramatic cliff faces and volcanic craters will provide walking, hiking, cycling and sailing opportunities to take pleasure in.

Myrina is the largest town and is situated on the west side of Limnos. It is the perfect base from which to explore the rest of the island and the town’s shops, bars, restaurants and cafes will provide for all your needs during your stay. In the centre of the town is the stunning 12th century Byzantine castle.

The castle of Myrina was one of the mightiest in the Aegean Sea and was once fortified with a triple wall, fourteen towers, a deep ditch on the east side and one hundred and fifty cannons.

Today the castle has lost most of these ramparts and overlooking the town, acts as a reference point for the locals and the perfect elevated location from which visitors can enjoy the views of the town and, in the early evening, to relax and gaze at the sun setting over Mount Athos. The castle can be visited at all times and there are wild deer that roam about which live near the castle, known as “platonia”.

The castle is embraced on either side by Myrina’s two town beaches (Limnos Experience is located on one of these) and overlooks the port and picturesque small harbour which offers a traditional feel with old style coffee houses and small tavernas.

The town’s archaeological museum houses a selection of artefacts collected from the archaeological sites of the island over the years.

There are another thirty one villages on the island, offering an array of authentic restaurants, traditional cafes and fresh seafood. The entire island has 280 kilometers of coastline in total.

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