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Limnos offers a rich tapestry of history, myth and legend and a unique beautiful natural environment.

The island’s ancient history and mythological ancestry, give Limnos its unique character. The island host a number of archaeological sites and Byzantine churches open for visitors. Of particular note is Poliochni, which was contemporary to Troy, and is one of the more remarkable pre-historic settlements of the island. Poliochni was developed as an organized urban center with the first “chamber of deputies” in the world – one of the most ancient instances of democracy. Limnos also played host to the granary of ancient Athens and the Byzantine Empire.

To the east, the island has rich wetlands with and salt lakes and birdwatchers gather to the island to revel in the 279 species of birds which can be observed there. The entire island is included in the “natura 2000” network due to its blooming fauna and flora, which is protected under guidelines of the European Union.

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